Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Teeth Straightening Detailed Comparison

Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Getting Started

Three brands pop up almost whenever one searches for the best teeth alignment treatments. And you most likely know which brands we’re talking about from the title of this article. That’s because these companies have indeed managed to create a name for themselves in the industry. In this comparison review of Smile Direct Vs Byte Vs Candid, we’ll discuss every essential detail between them. 

In doing so, you’ll be able to decide which one to choose when considering home teeth aligners such as smile direct club vs byte. So, keep reading to learn more about these top choices.

Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Company Background

Smile Direct Club

SmileDirectClub started in 2014, making it much older than both Candid and Byte. Since its inception, the company has transformed the smiles of over 700,000 people. It now has 5000 staff members and 300 shops at various locations.


Though they only started in 2017, Candid soon managed to become the industry’s second-biggest company. Like SmileDirectClub, it has also transformed the smiles of several thousand people. It also has over 300 employees and over 50+ physical locations.


Like Candid, Byte is quite new to the home teeth aligner space. The company started in 2017 yet started launching its products in 2019. Nevertheless, it too became a popular choice for home teeth aligner seekers in no time. 

Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Treatment Quality

It might comfort your mind to learn that these three brands offer top-quality dental treatments. As such, regardless of which company you pick, you’ll most certainly get your dream smile. What sets them apart, however, is the process you go through to get that smile.

Each brand follows different approaches, and so, they all offer distinct advantages. 

Provider Network

Candid, for instance, works only with licensed orthodontists to devise their treatment plans and aligners. Therefore, when you go with Candid, you’ll only be working with a highly qualified professional throughout the entire process.

However, that isn’t the case for Smile Direct and Byte. Nevertheless, both companies have a strong network of general dentists and orthodontists. It’s just that there isn’t any guarantee that your case will be handled solely by an orthodontist.

Manufacturer Quality

Additionally, Candid has a partnership with a reputed manufacturer, ClearCorrect. As such, you can have some reassurance that the aligners you receive will be of top quality. 

Byte doesn’t provide any information about their manufacturers. But, they do claim that the plastic they use for their aligner is safe and BPA-free. As for SmileDirect, they once were connected to Align Tech, a well-known manufacturer of quality aligners. However, the company currently produces its products on its own.

Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Treatment Speed

The quick treatment speed of home aligners is what attracts most customers. However, other factors affect the duration of the treatment too. For instance, it’ll depend on how severe your case is.

Additionally, each company offers products that are pretty different from the other. And that, too, has an impact on how long you’ll be wearing the aligners.

With Smile Direct, you can expect to see desirable results within six months of using their daytime treatment. As for their NightOnly option, it takes an average of eleven months to see results. If you go for Candid, it’ll take you about six months on average before you can have your dream smile.

In comparison, Byte’s nighttime treatment takes an average of five-six months and about 3-4 months for their standard treatment.

Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Pricing 

For anyone considering home aligners, pricing is an important deciding factor, especially if you have a limited budget.

So, concerning affordability between Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte, Smile Direct & Byte take the win. They have the same base price and similar financing options. Let’s dive deeper into the pricing of each company.

Base Price

Smile Direct offers the lowest sticker price when compared to the other two brands. Their base fee is $1,950, which includes all the necessary aligners for the treatment. It, however, cover the impression kit and aftercare retainers. You need an additional $59 for their impression kit. Alternatively, you can visit their physical location and get a teeth scan for free. 

The post-treatment retainers of Smile Direct will cost you $99. Byte’s initial price is $1,895( & $2,295 for night treatment), and it comes with all the aligners and the aftercare retainers. However, you’ll have to get the impression kit separately for $95.

 With Candid, the upfront price is $2,400, and it includes all the aligners and the aftercare retainers. However, you’ll have to pay an additional $95 for their impression kit. Or, you can visit their physical store called Candid Studio to get free teeth scans. Also, all three companies include whitening products in their base price. 

Financing Options

If you can’t pay the total price all at once, that’s alright. These three companies offer financing options to make their treatments more accessible to all.

Smile Direct has a 24-month plan, where you deposit a $250 downpayment and pay $89 each month. In contrast, Byte offers a 29-month month, which requires a $349 downpayment and  $83 monthly payment. For Byte’s night treatment, it’s $99 per month and $449 in downpayment.

Candid provides financing plans of 6 to 24 months. To qualify for their program, you’ll need to clear the credit check. Once you are eligible, you’ll have to pay a minimum of $99 each month and a downpayment of $399.

Smile Direct Vs. Candid Vs. Byte: Getting Started

To get started with either one of these brands, you’ll first have to get your teeth looked at by a specialist. To do that, Byte requires you to take impressions using an impression kit. 

In comparison, Smile Direct and Candid offer teeth scan in their physical shops for free. By going to one of their physical locations, you can easily have your teeth examined. While Byte doesn’t offer such options, they provide virtual assistance to guide you in taking your impressions correctly. 

Additionally, your aligners from Smile Direct will reach you within 4-6 weeks. For Candid, it may take about five whole weeks. As for Byte, it takes approximately 4 weeks.

Bottom Line: Which One to Pick?

Remember that all three of these brands are excellent choices, which explains why they’re a favorite among many. And so, the one that’s better for you will ultimately boil down to your personal preference, needs, and budget.

That said, Byte is ideal for anyone who wishes to get their smiles fixed as soon as possible. Candid is best for those who only want an orthodontist’s support and doesn’t mind the premium price. Finally, go for Smile Direct if you prefer treatments from a well-established company with excellent customer support.