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Oral health is important for all. It is not only children that are affected by the various health problem related to the teeth or oral cavity, adults are also affected with the same. The oral cavity gets easily affected by the attack of germs. After eating some sugary substance the bacteria present in the oral cavity get to the teeth area and resides there. They take their food from the sugary substance accumulated in the teeth. It leads to the formation of the cavity inside the teeth.

National Oral Health Programme India creates awareness among the individual about the teeth health and care. There are few tips offered here to keep the teeth, gums and oral cavity healthy.

How to keep proper dental care advice

Regularly brush your teeth keeping the two times a day.  Always brush your teeth using a soft bristle brush. Apply about 1cm long toothpaste pulp in your brush. First spread the toothpaste over all teeth so that the toothpaste start working fighting to germs at the time you start brushing.

Keep the brush in the midway between the teeth and the gum so that the teeth get cleaned, and the gums also get the massage and clean with the gentle movement. Move brush to and fro in the four most prominent areas for chewing. The front of the brush should be moved in the circular direction which allows cleaning of the teeth in a better way.

Changes your brush after 3 months or soon if you feel it is not more suitable for your teeth.

Floss regularly to remove all food kept inside the tooth

Fluoride is the best for the cleaning teeth. It keeps the oral cavity in the healthy condition. Generally oral cavity has an alkaline pH. The enzymes and vacate is present in the oral cavity live in alkaline ph. The saliva produced is also alkaline in nature, when we chew the food the food get mixed with the saliva properly will.

Help in the proper digestion of the food

In case when we drink water saliva is not released in the proper quantity that hampers the digestion of the food properly. This is the reason why it is advised to drink water half an hour before and after the having meal. As eating of excess water changes the pH of the oral cavity ad moves it more towards the acidic pH.  National Oral Health Program India organizes programs to make people aware of the importance of healthy teeth and healthy body.