AlignerCo Vs. Smile Direct Club: Which Should You Go For?

If you’ve been searching for the best invisible aligners, then you probably have come across SmileDirectClub and AlignerCo. You might also be wondering how the two brands compare and which would be best for you. If so, this comparison review of AlignerCo Vs. Smile Direct Club will offer everything there is to know.

So, keep reading and find which company to go for.

AlignerCo Vs. Smile Direct Club: Company Background

Both AlignerCo and SmileDirectClub bring forth a more affordable and convenient alternative to in-person dental visits. Regardless of the brand you choose, they’ll both deliver a set of personalized invisible aligners to your home. Here’s a brief background of both these companies.


AlignerCo is much newer compared to SmileDirectClub. This company started in 2019, and since then, it has grown remarkably. One reason for the brand’s consistent growth is its affordability. 

The company offers dental treatments at a much lower rate than its competitor. Moreover, they provide occasional discounts and financing to ensure their treatments are more accessible.   


In comparison, SmileDirectClub came into existence in 2014, making it much older than AlignerCo. It’s also among the first home aligner providers in the industry. 

Since its inception, the company has transformed the smiles of more than 750,000 people (and counting). It’s now a successful brand with over 2,000 workers and has over 200 physical locations.

AlignerCo Vs. SmileDirectClub: Treatment Quality

Provided you fit the bill for home aligners, both AlignerCo and SmileDirectClub can deliver successful results. 

All home aligner companies work with a team of licensed dental professionals to devise treatment plans for clients. Some providers have even boosted their quality significantly by only working with orthodontists. That’s because an orthodontist is more qualified and specialized for the task than a dentist.

Nonetheless, AlignerCo and Smile Direct Club works with a network of orthodontists and dentists. As such, your treatment superviser might not be the most specialized. Nevertheless, both companies ensure that your orthodontist or dentist supervises your case throughout the whole process.

Additionally, AlignerCo has connections with a well-respected manufacturer Raintree Essix. As such, you can be sure of getting quality aligners with AlignerCo. On the contrary, SmileDirectClub produces its products in-house. Nevertheless, both companies offer quality treatment.

AlignerCo Vs. SmileDirectClub: Treatment Speed

As far as treatment speed is concerned, home aligners are much quicker than traditional braces or Invisalign. But then, your treatment could take more time, depending on how severe your case is. Also, each home aligner company’s products will have their unique timeline.

AlignerCo takes about 6-11 months on average for their daytime treatments and about 8 to 12 for nighttime. SmileDirectClub takes about six months for daytime treatment and approximately ten months for their night treatment.

AlignerCo Vs. SmileDirectClub: Pricing Comparison

Another important factor people check when considering in-home dental treatments is their budget. So, you may be wondering which one offers affordable prices.

Both companies offer treatments that are more affordable and cost-effective compared to in-office options. But of course, costs may vary among home aligner services too. Let’s take a closer look at the sticker price and financing options of AlignerCo & SmileDirectClub.

Sticker Price

AlignerCo offers the most affordable pricing, not just in comparison to SmileDirectClub but all its competitors. Their standard treatment is available for $1,145, while their nighttime treatment is $1,345.

This upfront price will get you all the aligners necessary and the aftercare retainers( first set). You’ll also get the impression kit once you pay the total price upfront. If bought separately, it costs $75.

In comparison, SmileDirectClub’s sticker price for the standard & night treatment is $1950. Similar to AlignerCo, it includes every aligner necessary to get your smile fixed. However, you won’t get the post-treatment retainers, so you’ll have to get them separately for $99. 

As for impression kits, SmileDirect has physical locations where you can have your pictures taken free of cost. However, if you wish to get the impression kit, you can get it for $59.

Financing Options

If you can’t pay the total amount upfront, SmileDirectClub and AlignerCo offer payment plan options too. 

With SmileDirectClub, you have the option to opt for a 24-month plan. This plan requires a downpayment of $250 and then a monthly payment of $89. Also, there is no need for credit checks.

On the contrary, AlignerCo has two payment plans, namely SmileFlex and SmileFlexEasy. The former requires credit checks, monthly payment of $114 for twelve months. You don’t need a credit check for the latter, but it requires $275 in downpayment and $95 for eleven months.

Getting Started

Home aligner treatments are quite easy to get started. However, not every company follows the same process. Some tend to be slightly more accessible than others.

That’s what you can expect to experience if you choose SmileDirectClub. Smile Direct has over 300 physical stores called SmileShops, wherein you can get teeth scans for free. This eliminates the need to deal with impression kits. However, if there’s no SmileShop near you, you can still purchase an impression kit.

On the contrary, AlignerCo doesn’t have any physical stores at present. To compensate for it, the company offers virtual support to assist you in taking impressions.  

After you send your impressions to AlignerCo, you’ll receive a preview of your plan in two weeks. With SmileDirect, you’ll get it within 72 hours. After you approve it, it’ll take approximately four to five weeks for SmileDirectClub to deliver your aligners. On the other hand, it’ll take about 4-5 weeks for AlignerCo.

Note: If you aren’t happy with the treatment, SmileDriect will try to improve your plan. They’ll even refund the total amount within thirty days after you start the treatment. 

Bottom Line: Which is Better?

 All in all, AlignerCo and SmileDirectClub are both excellent choices. Of course, you can only choose one in the end. If you ask us, we think AlignerCo would be ideal for most people. 

They offer similar products as SmileDirectClub but for an affordable price. Contrarily, SmileDirectClub is perfect for those who want the service of a well-established company and don’t have any budget limit.