AlignerCo Vs. Candid: Teeth Aligner Comparison

All thanks to home invisible aligners, now you can correct your smile without having to get braces or visit the dentists. AlignerCo and Candid are among the most popular invisible aligner brands. But, which one is ideal for you? This AlignerCo Vs. Candid review will answer everything there is to know about the two brands.

So, let’s get started!

AlignerCo. Vs. Candid: Company Backgrounds

Here’s a brief background overview of both these brands.

AlignerCo Background:

There isn’t much information about the founders of AlignerCo. However, a little bit of research, and you’ll learn that the company started in 2019. It also has its headquarters in New York. Despite being a pretty new brand, they counter the inexperience with their reasonably affordable prices. 

The low price might make you skeptical of its quality; however, you need not worry. That’s because customers who are choosing AlignerCo are receiving high-quality treatment and top-notch support. 

Candid Background:

Compared to AlignerCo, Candid is an older and more experienced home teeth alignment company. 

It started in 2017 and quickly made its name as the industry’s second-largest at-home aligner brand. The company made it happen through an unmatched quality of care and key partnerships. 

Both Candid and AlignerCo are comparatively new to the home aligner industry. Even so, the two brands have already established themselves as top-tier home teeth alignment brands in such a short time. 

AlignerCo. Vs. Candid: Treatment Quality

One thing that’s common about the two brands is they both offer high-quality treatment. As such, by the time when you’re at your last aligner, you’ll be donning your dream smile. That said, the process you go through to get that dream smile is slightly different.  

Both companies offer remote treatments. You start by creating your teeth molds using an impression kit. Once you approve the treatment plan they send you, they’ll send your aligners. You’ll then have to wear them as per the prescription. That will help in ensuring your teeth shifts on time. 

That’s pretty much what you’ll likely get to experience with AlignerCo. During AlignerCo treatment, you’ll have to send pictures of your teeth every two weeks for review. 

Candid, however, boasts specialized tools that let you take intraoral images. You have to send them to your respective orthodontist every 7-10 days for review—these regular check-ins aid in speeding up the treatment and delivering consistent results.

AlignerCo Vs. Candid: Treatment Speed

Like any orthodontic treatment, the treatment speed will depend mainly on your condition and the brand you pick.

On average, AlignerCo users can expect to see results in six to eleven months for daytime treatment. If you choose nighttime aligners, it can take between 8 and 12 months on average. Candid customers, on the other hand, will likely see their results in six months.

AlignerCo Vs. Candid: Affordability Comparison

When searching for home aligners, it’s also important to consider the cost of each treatment. Luckily, some brands do their best to make dental treatments affordable for all. And that’s what AlignerCo is trying to do.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing and features of both these brands.

Base Price

Without a doubt, AlignerCo offers the most affordable base price at $1145. When you pay this price upfront, you’ll receive your impression kit, every aligner, and post-care retainers. In case you purchase the impression kit separately, you’ll have to pay $75.

On the contrary, Candid’s sticker price is $2400, which is quite expensive. After paying the full amount, you’ll get all the necessary aligners to correct your smile. You’ll also get a remote monitoring device. The impression kit, when bought separately, costs $95. That said, if you go to one of their retail stores, you won’t need impressions as they provide free teeth scans.

Financing Options

Not everyone can cash out $1145-$2400 upfront, and if that’s the case for you too, don’t worry. Both providers offer financing with subtle differences in their plans.

AlignerCo features two financing options: SmileFlex & SmileFlex Easy. The former requires a credit check. If you qualify, you’ll have to pay $110 for 12 months. With the latter, no credit check is required. However, you need to deposit $275 as a downpayment and pay $95 every month for 11 months.

 With Candid, you’ll have to deposit a $399 downpayment and then pay $99 each month for 24 months. 

Note that both company’s financing options will cost you more. As such, if you can, it’s much better to pay the total sticker price upfront.

Free Extras

With Candid, you also get whitening products free of cost. You can even purchase them separately for $25. On the contrary, the treatment bundles don’t include any whitening products, keeping their base price low.

AlignerCo Vs. Candid: Getting Started

The process of getting started with home aligner treatment differs from one company to another.  Some boast a more straightforward process than others.

That’s what you can expect from Candid, as you can skip the impression-making step. You can visit one of their physical stores and get teeth scans. Moreover, these scans are much simpler as compared to impressions. If, however, the store isn’t near your area, you can just purchase a kit.

AlignerCo doesn’t have any retail stores available. To compensate for this lack, they do provide video call assistance for impressions. One of their service representatives can guide you through the process. In this way, they make sure you do it right.

Once you submit your teeth scans or impressions, the respective orthodontist determines if you’re fit for the treatment. With Candid, you’ll receive your aligners in five weeks. You can expect a similar turnaround time with AlignerCo as well. 

AlignerCo Vs. Candid: Which is Best for You?

 In conclusion, both AlignerCo and Candid are excellent choices. That said, the best one for you will depend on your specific needs. If you’re looking to correct your teeth without the high-price tag, then go for AlignerCo. Similarly, if you want top-notch quality treatment and saving money isn’t your priority, Candid would be an ideal choice.