AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Teeth Aligner Comparison

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed comparison of AlignerCo vs. Byte, which are two of the industry’s leading brands.

Previously, the only way you could straighten your teeth was by wearing braces, which are expensive and inconvenient at times. Luckily, that isn’t the case anymore. 

Today, several dental care companies are bursting onto the scene with their affordable home teeth alignment treatments. With startups like Byte and AlignerCo, you can correct your smile remotely at home, making it more convenient and affordable. 

Read on and see how the two brands differ from each other and which would be right for you. 

AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Background

Both Byte & AlignerCo are quite new to the dental treatment industry. Regardless, they’re already two of the most leading brands for home teeth aligners. They aren’t as popular as some top invisible aligner brands like Smile Direct Club or Invisalign. Nonetheless, they are still a pretty decent option. 


AlignerCo started in 2019, and despite being relatively new, the company counters its inexperience with reasonably low prices. AlignerCo is known for offering the most affordable aligners compared to other brands. Best of all, there aren’t comprises on product quality regardless of the low price tag.  


While started in 2017, Byte released its products in 2019, and it has its headquarters in Los Angeles. It also has associations with more than 200 licensed orthodontists, dentists, and doctors across the US.

AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Treatment Quality

All home aligner brands can confidently fix mild and moderate crowding & spacing cases. However, some take it up a notch by ensuring quality processes and products, and that’s something you can expect from AlignerCo and Byte.

AlignerCo’s low prices might make you question their treatment quality. But, you shouldn’t have to worry. The company offers safe and effective treatment & reliable products.

On the other hand, Byte offers top-quality treatment, customer service, and faster treatment speed than most in comparison.

The treatment product quality also depends on who manufactures them. Fortunately, both companies have connections with state-licensed dentists & orthodontists.

Byte ensures the safety, effectiveness, and consistency of their treatment by guaranteeing that an orthodontist supervises all cases. With AlignerCo, it’s unclear whether or not an orthodontist will be examining your case. Nonetheless, their treatments are still high-quality.

AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Treatment Speed

Your spacing or crowding condition’s severity will indeed affect the speed of the treatment. However, that’s not all. Each company offers different products, and that can affect the treatment speed too.

If you opt for AlignerCo’s daytime treatment, it’ll take about 6-11 months on average to see results. For nighttime treatments, it’ll take an average of eight to twelve months.

In contrast, Byte’s standard treatment takes three to four months and five to six months for nighttime treatment. 

AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Pricing

All at-home aligners are affordable in comparison to traditional in-person treatments like Invisalign. However, AlignerCo takes the lead when it comes to being the most affordable choice. The pricing of their dental services is comparatively lower than others in the industry.

Though not as affordable as AlignerCo, Byte offers decent value, given their quality treatments. However, the former has always been a favorite among those looking for an affordable, cost-effective option. 

Base Price

AlignerCo’s treatment costs $1,145, which is quite cheaper when compared to their competitors. It includes everything necessary for the treatment, such as your aligners and the impression kit. Their nighttime aligner, however, costs $1,345.

As for Byte, they charge $1,895 (almost as close to the industry standard). This initial price includes the retainers. However, you won’t be getting the impression kit, which is $95. Nonetheless, this price will also get you the HyperByte, a tool that speeds up the treatment. If you go for their premium nighttime aligner, it’ll cost you $2,295.

Financing Option 

Even if you use discounts or coupons, home aligners aren’t cheap. Not everyone can just pay $1145-$2,295 upfront. To make the payments more manageable, both AlignerCo and Byte offer different financing plans for their treatments. 

With AlignerCo, you have two payment options: SmileFlex & SmileFlexEasy. The SmileFlex plan requires a credit check and once done, you’ll have to pay $110 for twelve consecutive months. For the nighttime treatment, the price increases to $125.

AlignerCo’s SmileFlexEasy doesn’t require any credit check. However, you do need to deposit a $275 downpayment and pay $95 for eleven months. For the night aligner, it’s a $345 downpayment and eleven monthly payments of $105.

On the contrary, Byte has BytePay, which is a 29-month plan. If you go for this option, you have to deposit $349 as a downpayment and pay $83 each month. For the nighttime treatment, you need to pay $99 a month and a $449 downpayment.

AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Getting Started

One of the reasons why people consider home teeth aligners is because of their convenience. From making teeth impressions to the final step, you can get the whole process done at home. You can also expect to experience the same with both companies.

Regardless of which brand you go for, you’ll first have to create and send your teeth impressions. This step is essential as it helps the respective dentist/orthodontist in making personalized treatment plans. Plus, they can also determine if you’re eligible for it.

That said, if you’re new to home aligners, taking impressions would be slightly challenging. However, if you pick either of these providers, it’s the only way for you to get started. More prominent brands like Candid & SmileDirectClub have physical stores where you receive free teeth scans. But, Byte and AlignerCo are yet to provide this offer.

Nonetheless, you do have the option to set up a virtual meeting with one of the company’s representatives. They can then guide you through the whole process step-by-step so that you won’t make any mistakes.

AlignerCo Vs. Byte: Which One Should You Get?

 So, which company should you be picking? It all depends on your condition’s severity and your unique requirements. That said, if you prefer a quick treatment speed with an excellent support team and quality products, Byte is for you.

On the contrary, if you’ve got a limited budget and want a cost-effective treatment, you can’t go wrong with AlignerCo.